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Wrongful Death

In 2013 I lost my wife to an unfortunate car accident. The loss itself was devastating but the biggest indignity was the insurance company’s refusal to pay compensation, going as far as to blame my wife for being responsible for her own death. Thanks to Mark and Greg, their dedication and perseverance to my case, I was able to get full compensation from both insurance companies involved. Mark and Greg were extremely professional and caring through the whole process. When I felt like no one was on my side, they stepped up and made a huge difference in my life.

P. Roberts

Criminal Defense

When Haymore and Holland took my case, they treated me with respect and were just and fair and very efficient in resolving my legal needs and having my charges dismissed without a trial. I highly recommend them as your law firm for all your legal needs.

Jeff H.

Family Estate Litigation

People in need of an attorney are often vulnerable, anxious, and confused. At that point they need someone who is honest, approachable, and straightforward. I found all those qualities in Mark Holland. Having been his client, I recommend him to anyone in central Virginia. He will put you at ease and get the job done. You can’t ask for more.

Sue E.