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A serious injury can happen in a matter of seconds and yet change your life forever. Insurance policies are designed to protect individuals and their families when tragedies occur, but it is not always as simple as submitting a claim and waiting for the funds to arrive.

At my firm, Greg T. Haymore, P.C., I work with individuals in southwest Virginia and throughout the state who have been seriously injured in accidents that were caused by someone else’s negligence. With more than 25 years of experience, I advocate on behalf of accident victims to maximize the amount they recover, whether it is from third-party insurance providers or the victims’ own insurance companies.

For a free consultation with an experienced personal injury attorney, please call me in Danville at 434-688-4895 or complete my contact form. I represent clients throughout the Dan River Region, including but not limited to Pittsylvania, Halifax, Franklin and Henry counties.

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Don’t trust your case to an out-of-town attorney who is simply going to settle your case for as little compensation as possible. Many out-of-town lawyers leave a lot of financial compensation on the table with the insurance company. I do not. Trust your case to me, and let me start fighting for you today.

With an office conveniently located in Danville, I represent clients in southwest Virginia. I have helped thousands of people resolve their legal issues and put their lives back together after a serious injury.

I Handle All Types Of Personal Injury Cases

I am committed to preparing the strongest case possible in order to ensure that you receive full compensation for your medical costs, lost wages, future medical expenses, and pain and suffering. I have the resources necessary to build a compelling case in a wide variety of circumstances, including:

Understanding Contributory Negligence

Virginia is one of three states along with the District of Columbia that adheres to a doctrine known as contributory negligence. This law holds that if an injured person was negligent in any way and contributed to the cause of an accident, that individual cannot recover any money in a personal injury lawsuit.

As you can imagine, insurance companies have a significant incentive to find any reason why an accident victim contributed to the accident. It is imperative that you prove the other party was completely negligent in his or her actions and caused the accident that resulted in your injury. Enlisting the services of an experienced personal injury lawyer is a smart move to accomplish this critical step.

I understand the stress and strain that is caused by serious injuries. If you select my firm to represent you, you will see that I am committed to your cause, allowing you to focus on recovering and leave the concerns about bills and insurance companies to me.

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For a free, no-obligation consultation to review the facts of your case and get a straightforward assessment of what you can expect, please call me, attorney Greg Haymore, in Danville at 434-688-4895. You can also schedule a consultation through my convenient contact form. You will not pay one dime in attorney fees if I do not obtain a recovery for you.