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Danville Traffic Ticket Lawyers

Danville attorneys Mark Holland and Greg Haymore assist motorists throughout southwestern Virginia who have received traffic tickets or ordinance violations. These range from simple speeding tickets to more serious violations such as reckless driving or driving under the influence.

They also represent out-of-state drivers who received a traffic ticket while traveling through Virginia. Our attorneys can make a court appearance on your behalf and keep you apprised on the status of your case. In many instances, they are able to resolve the matter without requiring a client to return to the state.

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The Importance Of Addressing Traffic Tickets

One or two traffic violations can be a nuisance, but anything beyond that can threaten your right to keep your driver’s license. Also, traffic offenses often result in increased insurance rates. What’s more, if you hold a commercial driver’s license and drive for a living, a traffic ticket could mean the loss of your job.

If you face suspension of your driver’s license or other serious repercussions as the result of a traffic offense, it is smart to retain the services of an experienced Danville traffic ticket attorney who has a thorough knowledge of the law and a proven track record in defending clients against a broad variety of traffic charges.

As with every case that our firm handles, we carefully analyze every aspect of a police stop and the issuance of a citation. Too many lawyers miss obvious errors committed by law enforcement officials that can result in dismissed charges.

Our attorneys are sticklers for detailed research, analysis and preparation. Often, the small details that may seem insignificant to other lawyers have changed the outcome to benefit a number of our clients.

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