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Danville Domestic Assault Lawyer

Under Virginia laws, it is a crime to injure, attempt to injure, or threaten a member of your family or household. It is also a crime to violate a restraining order. Domestic assault – even if charged as a misdemeanor – is a serious crime. A conviction for domestic assault carries serious consequences.

At my firm, Greg T. Haymore, P.C., I defend individuals in southwest Virginia who have been charged with domestic assault or domestic violence. If you have been charged, you should immediately contact my office to discuss your situation.

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Domestic Assault Defense: My Approach

Prosecutors in Danville and Pittsylvania counties rarely negotiate in these cases, which means it is critical that you retain the services of an experienced criminal defense lawyer who will build a strong case on your behalf.

I am a Danville domestic assault attorney with decades of experience defending individuals throughout southwest Virginia against domestic violence charges. I am familiar with the prosecutors’ approach in these cases and know how to build a strong defense.

As with all misdemeanor convictions in the commonwealth of Virginia, a domestic assault or assault and battery conviction remains on a person’s criminal record for the remainder of his or her life except under extenuating circumstances.

A conviction can jeopardize your employment and permanently restrict your right to possess firearms. A criminal conviction for domestic assault can also negatively impact child custody issues in family law cases. If you are a noncitizen immigrant, a conviction may result in your inability to become a naturalized citizen and may even result in deportation from the U.S. On a third domestic assault and battery offense within 20 years, you are facing a felony charge.

Family Abuse

In Virginia, a person commits family abuse (also called domestic violence) by committing any act against a family or household member that involves violence, force or threats, and that results in physical injury or places the family or household member in fear or injury or harm. Just as with the other forms of assault, physical contact is not required in order to complete the crime. It is enough that one intended to cause fear of immediate bodily harm in the victim.

The term “household member” is widely defined and can include: spouses, former spouses, parents, children, people who live together, people who have previously lived together, people who have a child together, and people involved in a romantic relationship.

Domestic assault charges also frequently result in the issuance of a protective order, a court order requiring the respondent to not contact the petitioner. Violation of this order can result in serious penalties, even if you are later found not guilty of domestic violence.

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