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Virginia summertime driving hazards

On Behalf of | May 23, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

According to the Drive Smart Virginia Annual Report, there were 118,498 motor vehicle crashes in Virginia in 2021. And when residents and tourists share the roads in summertime, the accident risk increases. Being aware of summer driving hazards can make your travels safer.

Distracted pedestrians

During summer, you’ll likely notice more people traveling by foot. Residents might leave their cars at home and walk to work. Or tourists might walk around the city viewing the attractions.

You’ll have to become mindful of pedestrians while you’re driving. People walk and talk, text and do other distracting things. This means pedestrians may not pay attention when crossing roads or near cars. Keep an eye out for pedestrians at crosswalks, and make sure it’s clear before proceeding.

Summer traffic

Summer is one of the busiest times of year for traffic. Local roads and highways can experience much more traffic than usual. There’s also the possibility of closed roads because of motor vehicle accidents, construction or repairs.

For safer travel, consider driving during times when there’s less congestion. You can also check for less congested routes and find out about road closings or car accidents.

Motorcycles and bicycles

Summer often brings out more bicyclists and motorcyclists. These riders aren’t always easy to spot and can get lost in your blind spot. The most common blind spots are to the sides and behind your car.

Keep a few feet away from bicyclists and motorcyclists. Someone could make a sudden stop or lane change. Also, watch for them when you’re turning or applying your brakes.

Accidents aren’t always preventable, but becoming aware of potential hazards helps. Keep the above hazards in mind during your summer travels.