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Defensive driving skills

On Behalf of | Dec 27, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Car crashes on Virginia highways leave people suffering from serious injuries. Many commuters may worry about their risk of getting hurt but are unsure how to protect themselves and their passengers from reckless drivers. Learning defensive driving skills might help.

Defensive driving

Defensive driving refers to safe behaviors behind the wheel that reduce the risk of accidents. Wearing a seat belt and driving at speeds safe for road conditions could help prevent many accidents. Conversely, driving aggressively and committing multiple traffic violations could turn a regular commute into a dangerous trip.

Defensive driving also involves being alert to others on the road. Sometimes, it is not enough to avoid distracting behaviors. Keeping an eye out for fellow travelers could allow a defensive driver to stay clear of someone not looking at the road or whose hands are not on the wheel.

A defensive driver is someone who knows when it is not a good idea to drive. Anyone who ingests alcohol or other substances should realize that driving while intoxicated is dangerous and should avoid the practice. Others might understand that driving while fatigued is risky. Playing it safe and not driving might be the right decision under many circumstances.

Accidents happen

Although someone might take as many precautionary steps as possible, they cannot avoid a crash. Another driver’s negligent behavior could cause the collision despite the best efforts of a safety-conscious victim. Still, defensive driving tactics may help a driver respond when hit by another car. A collision may occur, but it might not be as devastating. Injuries are preferable to fatal motor vehicle accidents.

Those hurt in a motor vehicle collision could experience significant financial losses because of medical bills. A civil judgment may assist with covering those losses.