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Speed may increase the risk of a crash

On Behalf of | Sep 8, 2022 | Car Accidents, Motor Vehicle Accidents

Driving too fast for road conditions may significantly increase the risk of a truck accident occurring on a Virginia road or highway. Traveling at an excessive rate of speed may make it harder to stop or to take other actions safely.

Reduced margin for error

Any vehicle that is driving too fast for road conditions may have difficulty stopping or slowing down because tires have a harder time making contact with the road when it is covered in ice or snow. In some cases, brakes may fail to work at all, which could result in a jackknife situation and cause a truck accident. If there is a lot of traffic on a given road or highway, a commercial vehicle may not have enough room to follow at a safe distance if it’s moving too quickly.

Unfamiliar roads

Driving too fast for road conditions can be especially dangerous if a driver is unfamiliar with a given stretch of road because the motorist may not realize that a turn is coming up and may try to take it at a high rate of speed or without using a turn signal. A motorist may also attempt to make a lane change at the last second or make other moves with little warning. In response, other drivers may attempt to stop, slow down or swerve, which could lead to secondary collisions.

An accident may result in broken bones, a concussion or other serious injuries. If you can prove that the wreck was caused by another driver’s negligent actions, it may be possible to obtain compensation for medical bills and other damages. A financial award may be obtained through a settlement or after a formal trial.